Current Favourite Beauty Products May 2017

Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Assalamualaikum Hi.

Since I am waiting for my polymer to dissolve *the perk of being research student*, here I am writing to you about my current favourite of beauty products.


I fall in love so much with this foundation. It makes my face looks flawless and brightened a bit. but I admit after long time, it will be getting oily but I use powder to make it less oily. the coverage is medium. suitable for everyday use because I am always going to the faculty. it feels light and not heavy on my face. but, make sure you choose suits to your skin tone or else it will look cakey on your face.


since I am using doll skin from Sendayu Tinggi, it turns out that my face is quite shiny. but fret not when this powder comes to me. hahah I love using it especially around my T-zone where that area is shining the most.


I am using this water to remove my make up. when I go out, I usually bring this along with me so that I can remove my make up before performing solat. It is so convenient and easy anddd also suitable for eye area usage. so, no need to buy different product for eyes. saving ma lyfeee and moneyyyhhhh. hahahah


 I have been using VJ for almost one year, I really love the lipstick and also the blusher. besides in this make up kit, it has eyeshadows palette suitable for day and night use, lipstick palette, blusher, eyeliner, lipliner and brush. so easy to bring when you go out. Only bring one item, then you are ready to go :)



forgive me because I forgot what its name, later I will update its name. but I love eyebrow from face shop. the code is dark brown, suit to me well. the color also pigmented. easy to use since the shape of pencil is like eyebrow, so for the beginner, this is the right one for you :)


I purchase this lipstick on lazada for a very cheap price!!! only RM8.90 if I am not mistaken. The normal price is RM29.90. The color is so nice, I love it since it does not make my lips dried. MAT4 is pink shade color, so I think it suits for someone with bright skin tone.

That is all from me, sorry for the low quality picture. so what is your current favourite beauty products, share with me on the comments okayy? :)

Love, eyja.

Beauty and The Beast

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Hi lovelies,

last two weeks *if I am not mistaken*, I watch Beauty and The Beast with my beloved friend, Elly. well, this movie has some issue in Malaysia when suddenly they cannot be shown on cinemas due to gay scene. but luckily they made it to the cinema :)

At the first moment I watch it, I fell in love with everything, how beautiful its stories, their scene, the songs, the places, the characters. I could not believe the cartoon that I watched during my childhood days finally come alive. I feel a little bit emotions somehow hahaha *well that is me*.

Emma is seriously look stunning in the movie, she is really same like Belle. she suits the character very well. While for the Beast, he is so cute. hahah I fell in love with the Beast. when I talked to my SV about this movie, she is a little bit disappointed because the Beast finally become someone that she is unexpected. She hope that The beast can become a manly, charming look prince and the prince face quite clean. hahah she hope that the prince had a little bit moustache or beard on his face.

well overall I give the movie 5 stars. hahaha sorry I am being biased as Beauty and The beast is my favourite cartoon hahah I do not feel any regret watching this movie.

love, eyja

Fast and Furious: 8

Wednesday, April 12, 2017

I cannot wait to see fast and furious: 8. I am not the die-hard-fan for F&F8 but somehow I love how ridiculous it can be to see every scene of car chasing in the movie. It is really absolute madness and I enjoy how the story goes. but still even though I did not follow every of it, I can understand the storyline. at least I am not left behind whenever I watch this movie. I do not want to have high expectation for this movie,but still, I expect it much hahahah

love, eyja
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